Toxic WordPress: How the most popular plugins and ideas waste your time – and hurt web speed.
Get under 2-second load time on cheap, shared magnetic hosting.
No CDN cheating.
And still use dozens of free plugins!

If you search the phrase “Essential WordPress Plugins,” you’ll get about 1.8 million results. They all tend to regurgitate suggestions for the same old plugins and ideas. Copycat content. No wonder the identical plugins keep getting more installs. Even when better alternatives exist.

You can choose any plugin from the TOP100 and from our experience it will be the slowest and most bloated plugin in its class. For example:

#1 Akismet: 52 million installs.
#2 Contact Form 7: 42 million installs.
#3 Yoast SEO: 33 million installs.
#5 Jetpack: 28 million installs.
These are all heavy plugins and either directly or indirectly affect load time. We see these plugins installed on most slow sites.

Many recommended “essential” plugins have negative speed repercussions.
Our rule of thumb is: the more popular a plugin is (active installs), the higher the probability it’s a slow loading plugin. Why? We don’t know exactly why this correlates. But it holds up in our speed testing.

It’s the quality – not quantity – of plugins that slow down a site.Speed testing free plugins and themes are our specialty. Millions of herd-mentality WordPress plugins slow down the Internet, waste web resources, – and use up your precious time.

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