[udemy.com] Как быстро выучить тысячи слов для тестов GRE и SAT

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Курс на английском! Поможет вам быстро набрать расширенный и продвинутый словарный запас при наличии у вас базового словарного запаса. Думаю особенно пригодится при подготовки к различным тестам типа GRE, SAT, TOEFL, ITSELF и пр.

Vocabulary is the key to success on the Verbal Reasoning and Critical Reading sections of every standardized test. If you are taking the SAT, GRE, ISEE, SHSAT, ELA or any other standardized test, you need to have a rich and varied vocabulary. You need to learn many words—and chances are that you need to learn those words quickly in an easy, effective manner that doesn’t overload your already “too busy” schedule. You need to learn more to score more in less time. Word Parts for Word Smarts is a simple way to learn thousands of complex words—fast!

Experts would agree (and the evidence is incontrovertible) that the fastest—and most effective—way to acquire a powerful vocabulary is by learning and applying word parts such as roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Word parts are the building blocks of words, and because English was built primarily on Latin and Greek foundations, hundreds of thousands of words in our language were constructed with Latin and Greek word parts. What’s shocking (and really good news for us all) is that most of the Latin and Greek derivatives come from just a few word parts. For example, five prefixes (Im, In, Dis, Re, Un) constitute nearly 57% of all English words with a prefix. It means, also, that the same Latin and Greek elements were used to create thousands of different words.
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