[Udemy] Build a Python REST API with the Django Rest Framework (2018)


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Автор: Udemy
Название: Build a Python REST API with the Django Rest Framework (2018)


REST APIs Power the Internet
How does Apple Maps have Yelp listings?
How does Tinder get Facebook user profiles?
How does Amazon Alexa know the latest news?
These questions get to the core of how powerful REST APIs can be: it allows for websites to communicate with each other without any human interaction.
Building a REST API isn’t just about connecting with third party services, it’s also about:

Adding Authentication, Registration, Databases, and more to your Mobile App, IOT Device, TV app, Car app, and more
Connecting your own web apps with each other
Creating micro-services
Adding a backend for Angular, React, iOS Apps, Android apps, and more
Simplifying the process of separating your backend from your frontend
Making it easier to build additional services with new developers
This course will teach you step-by-step exactly how to build a REST API
We’ll cover the concepts first, then we’ll go into build a PURE DJANGO REST API, then we’ll use the Django REST Framework to build a REST API.

Для кого этот курс:

Anyone looking to connect their apps (mobile, web, iot, TV, etc) to a REST API
Anyone looking to get better at building web applications
Anyone looking to add Users, Security, Permissions, and a Database to anything that can connect to the internet
Pythonistas and Beginner Python learners
Djangonauts and Beginner Django learners


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